Welcome to the Forbatt SA Training Program

Unleash Your Full Potential with Industry-Leading Training by Forbatt’s Renowned Instructor – Explore Our Brands and Master All Forbatt SA Products!

All courses start at 9:30AM and will continue till completion of presentations and content. Normally online courses take roughly 2 hours, where as on site training 4 hours.

We work on a RSVP basis only. Please reserve your spot as not to be disappointed.

Forbatt SA JHB Demo room

Forbatt Training Modules and Components

Forbatt Training

  • Diverse Applications Across Industries for Forbatt Batteries
  • Comprehensive Overview of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • Comparing Battery Technologies: Sealed Lead Acid vs. Gel
  • Advantages of Forbatt AGM Batteries
  • Warranty Coverage for Our Battery Range
  • Methods for Efficient Battery Connection
  • Effective AGM Battery Maintenance Strategies
  • Calculating Standby Time for Batteries

Basics of CCTV Training

  • Understanding CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)
  • Exploring Diverse CCTV Technologies
  • The Significance of Resolution in CCTV
  • Varieties of Lens Sizes in CCTV
  • Optimizing Video Storage Capacity Without Compromising Quality
  • Conducting a Comprehensive Site Survey for CCTV Installation
  • Key Considerations During a Site Survey
  • Tailoring a CCTV System to Meet Client Requirements
  • Implementing Effective CCTV System Maintenance Practices

TVT Naming rules and Products

  • Introducing TVT: A Company Overview
  • TVT’s Manufacturing Portfolio: Product Range
  • Deciphering TVT Model Numbers and Naming Conventions
  • Exploring Diverse Form Factors and Technologies Offered
  • Distinguishing Between Basic Analytics and Classification Features
  • Highlighting Key Selling Points for Each TVT Model
  • Streamlined Device Password Reset Process
  • Overview of TVT’s Software Platforms, Including Mobile Applications
  • Conducting Effective Live Demonstrations and Interacting with Menu Options

Advanced TVT Training and Basic Network Fundamentals

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Working of IP (Internet Protocol)
  • Designing a Stable CCTV Network Backbone
  • Basic CMD Commands for IP Device Testing
  • TVT’s Advanced Features
  • Setting Up ANPR Cameras Step-by-Step
  • Configuring Face Recognition Function Step-by-Step
  • Various Perimeter Protection Methods
  • Loading Devices on Mobile Apps
  • Using Mobile Apps for Remote Monitoring