• The firmware integrates intelligent AI algorithms. (Option)
    With ADAS camera, it can detect/alert/notify the dangerous road conditions in front of the
    vehicle in real time.
    With DSM camera, it can detect/alert/notify drivers of fatigue or distracted driving behaviors
  • With a wireless network (LTE or WiFi) module and Fuho’s GMS fleet, you can monitor and control
    your car’s driving status at any time remotely.
  • A reliable list makes it easier to search for video records.
  • Hidden file format with particular player for files security and provide AVI, MP4 conversion
    function, so that users can directly play in the general environment”
  • With G-Mouse, recording of driving footage and speed.
  • Integrated G-sensor function detects shocks and triggers mandatory recording so that important
    event videos are not lost.
  • Integrated power management function supports parking surveillance after ignition off.


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