Tiandy TC-ND519A


  • 6/9/12/16-channel decoders now support any combination of mixed cascade, up to 4 units cascade, and support cascade with V1.0 version
  • Support 4K high-resolution input and output
  • Support 2-channel local HD video input + 9-channel video decoding output
  • HD video input supports HDMI
  • Support H.264/265 and other encoding formats
  • Supports H.265, H.264 Baseline/Main/High-profile encoding levels
  • Support 16 system plans and quick retrieval
  • Audio decoding supports G.711A, G.711U, AAC, ADPCM audio format decoding
  • The number of decoding channels of the whole machine is 144
  • Supports free division of decoding performance
  • Supports 9-screen cascade splicing, window opening, overlay, roaming, cross-screen and other functions
  • Supports window opening, overlay, roaming, cross-screen and other functions
  • Any signal can achieve stepless zoom function
  • Interactive visual software operation terminal, supports PAD control using Safari browser
  • Support alarm input/output function setting, support arming and disarming time setting
  • Support alarm linkage switching
  • Support adding 64 channels of patrol decoding to a single screen
  • Support video file decoding and output on the wall
  • Support network keyboard/RS485 keyboard to control the front end through the decoder
    Support transparent channel HD video input can be segmented, spliced, windowed, roamed, and overlaid along with decoding
  • Support ONVIF standard protocol to access front-end devices
  • Support RTP/RTSP protocol for device browsing
  • Supports using RTSP URL to obtain and decode streams from encoding devices
  • Supports platform integration of devices via SDK
  • Supports GB28181 protocol access platform
  • Support WEB mode or platform access, configuration and management
  • Support remote acquisition and configuration of parameters, support remote export and import of parameters
  • Support remote acquisition of system running status and system logs
  • Support remote restart, restore default configuration, upgrade and other daily maintenance
  • The whole machine contains 1 reset button
  • Display compatibility: LCD screen


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