Intelligent transportation system

Monitoring road violations, improving transport efficiency, ensuring road safety, and controlling unnecessary environmental pollution caused by vehicles.

What our system can do

KEDACOM has advanced in incorporation of big data and artificial intelligence technology in the field of transportation. To be better informed with the traffic situation, our ITS Solution can effectively monitor what happens on the road at all times. More importantly, it is able to detect any illegal acts or violations accurately and report back to the command center in real time.

Safer roads

During the first phase of KEDACOM ITS solution applications, the average rate of traffic accidents had decreased by 30%, and the casualty rate caused by car accidents had decreased by 20%, not to mention the direct prevention on numerous economic losses.

Deployment for recent solution

Below is a list of product we rolled out for a recent safe city project. Some of the challenges the client faced included the ability to connect multiple brands to a single central source.