NUUO CMS software seamlessly integrates with just about all alarms

NUUO Central Management System unifies all your products under one easy, clear management console.

NUUO Central Management System unifies all your products under one easy, clear management console. The software hosts Powerful Alarm Management: Real-time alarm management supporting up to 45 alarm types, 6 video-analytic events, alarm priorities and independent alarm coverage, data mining tools, alarm notes and much more. Below are the Alarm Management features explained in detail.

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Alarm Management:

Alarm Priority: Assign alarm priorities (critical, high, normal, low) to each alarm to increase the efficiency of response and data mining.

Alarm Coverage: Operators can configure each alarm to be active at specific times or time intervals.

Alarm Group: To management and categorise alarm easily.

Alarm Management Guide: Attach an alarm management guide to each of the alarms, so the operator knows how to respond to different alarms.

Alarm Notifications: The NCS client can play sounds, popup live video windows, activate alarm matrices, send email alarms and SMS messages at the moment of an event trigger.

Print Alarm: Clients can print out a detailed alarm report with snapshots, alarm guides and a timestamp included.

Powerful data mining: Users can quickly search alarm history by alarm name, operator name, alarm status, alarm priority, time interval, source device, alarm type and keyword search of alarm note.

Export Alarm list: Users can export alarm history to Excel tables.

Alarm Backup: Alarm info can be scheduled for automatic or manual backup.

Recording on client: Alarm related video can be automatically recorded on client storage for later reference.

This product is available exclusively from Forbatt SA distributors. Contact us for more information or a list of the distributors. Alternatively, feel free to email us or visit the website for the full range. +27 (0)11 469 3958,

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