Welcome to Forbatt SA

Forbatt SA is an agent for energy products, video surveillance technology, security peripherals and intrusion products. Our focus are solutions that give the end-user the best of all worlds.

Surveillance Technology

Our CCTV brands range from professional standard home kits through to customised solutions used in some of the biggest companies in South Africa.

Batteries & Backup Power

Our range of Forbatt Batteries can be found across the country in banks, mines, server rooms, homes and more. How can we help you?

Access Control

The access control brands we supply are not only local leaders but globally sought after. Talk to us about your access control needs.

Installation Accessories

An installation is a smooth process when you have all you need ready and waiting. As part of your solution, we will advise on the accessories you need.

From the corporate office to the home and factory, we supply the latest surveillance technology and intrusion products as well as lead-acid batteries and power supply products.

Our product range

Residential & Commercial


TVT is a listed surveillance technology manufacturer. The range is exceptional and the highlight for us is the recorders. From entry-level solutions to the high end of the market, they leave no doubt as to why they are a global leaders.

Public Protection and Guarding


Forbatt SA’s brands include one of the leading global mobile surveillance security and niche surveillance manufacturers, KEDACOM. KEDACOM is one of the largest manufacturers in the surveillance sector and their solutions include the very popular body-worn camera, mobile cameras and the impressive mobile NVR.

Retail and Enterprise Solutions


NUUO’s intelligent surveillance solutions are in over 94 000 installations in 65 countries. The range of solutions spans from retail to industrial, transportation, residential, education, government, banking, and hospitality industry.

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Storage and Backup Power​

Forbatt Batteries can be found anywhere from mining helmets all the way to solar array banks. The brand has been a market leader for many years and demand continues to grow with the surge in alternative energy solutions.

Solutions driven

At the core of our product offering are solutions tailored to your needs. Our inhouse product experts are available to advise and walk you through the best solution for you and your clients.