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Retail Surveillance Deterring crime, reducing losses and creating a safer environment


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It’s no secret that security breaches in the retail industry are on a rapid increase across South Africa.  “With a record high of 20 680 armed robberies against business recorded, South Africa is experiencing 57 attacks per day. This figure should prompt critical intervention by industries and governments,” says Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect.


The increase in mall robberies has put most retailers on the defence. Moreover, it has created a considerable interest in surveillance systems that help combat such crime. According to Gino de Oliveira, TVT sales manager at Forbatt SA, TVT has designed a retail-focused solution after much input from retailers and chain store executives across the world. In this series, Forbatt SA offers the most reliable, high quality and user-friendly retail surveillance solutions. We discuss a selection of products and product features recommended for the retail market.

Varifocal 4MP 9545 – The Intelligent Dome Camera for retailers

Security and valuable business data all from one camera


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As criminals enter an age of even more organised crime, retailers are becoming more aware of the many ways they approach not only loss prevention, but also retail surveillance. One area that requires vigilance is shopping aisles. Setting up an intelligent Dome camera with corridor mode enabled is one way to monitor store aisles and combat theft.

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The TVT 4.0MP IP Motorised zoom Dome Camera TD-9545E2 (D/AZ/PE/AR2) features IP people counting which is perfect for retail stores, banks, restaurants and any industry that needs to monitor foot traffic in and out of their premises. This innovation is not just for security though; it also enables the camera to move beyond security applications and provide valuable business data. The data generated helps retailers understand their operations better and maximise potential revenue opportunities.


Product Features

  • MP (2592 1520) H.265 full real-time coding
  • Max. Resolution: 2592 × 1520
  • ICR auto switch, true day/night
  • 20 ~ 30m IR night view distance
  • The third generation of dot matrix LED IR lights, small
  • Size, efficient heat dissipation, long lifespan
  • 3D DNR, physical WDR
  • Support HLC, BLC and defogging
  • Support electrical zoom
  • ROI coding
  • Support local CVBS video output and one-way audio
  • Support PoE power supply
  • Support smartphone, iPad, remote monitoring
  • Support P2P
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • Support three streams

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People Counting
Interested in viewing the people counting feature in action? Take a look at this video and give us a call.

TD-9568E2 6 MP Network IR Fisheye Camera - The eye in the sky

Perfect for large-scale areas


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Customer shoplifting is not the only cause of retail theft, employee theft is just as prevalent and requires active monitoring. Employee theft creates an increased need for control and security. This means more cameras in more areas, and this can get costly in addition to the eyesore. Forbatt SA offers the perfect solution – the Fisheye 9568 CCTV Camera, a brilliant camera that sees it all and helps retailers protect and secure their stores.

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The TVT Fisheye 9568 is a 360-degree camera that provides an all-seeing viewpoint. Traditional video surveillance cameras have inherent blind spots – and the TVT Fisheye eliminates blind spots. This 6MP camera makes use of the H.265 codecs, has 15m IR and remote monitoring via smartphone.

Product Features

  • 6MP (2160 × 2160) H.265 full real-time coding Max. Resolution: 2160 × 2160
  • ICR auto switch, true day/night 15m IR night view distance
  • 3D DNR, digital WDR Support HLC and BLC ROI are coding
  • Support scalable video coding technology
  • Support hardware reset
  • Support PoE power supply
  • Support smartphone, iPad, remote monitoring Support P2P

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Fisheye preview and playback @NVMS9000
In this video, we see a 360-degree Demonstration of the Fisheye Camera functions

TVT TD-3332H4-16P 16CH 8MP Embedded NVR including PoE

Beyond Video Management - preview, playback, backup and configure footage


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Recently retail outlets have been plagued by robberies and not having clear recorded footage risks inadmissible footage or worse may affect insurance claims. When it comes to insurance claims and surveillance footage, the devil is always in the details. Retail stores need to have professional grade cameras installed to the required standards and a compatible NVR with a good quality CMS for search, play and backup purposes.

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The TVT TD-3332H4-16P 16CH 8MP Embedded NVR including PoE has a highly effective remote-control IE or CMS which can preview, playback, backup and configure footage. The NVR 3332 is also a 16 and 32 channel high definition NVR, which adopts the most advanced SOC technique ensuring high definition recording on each channel.


Product Features

  • Support 16 / 32 CH 5MP / 4MP / 3MP / 1080P / 960P / 720P IP input Adopt Standard H.265 / H.264 high profile compression format to get high-quality video at a much lower bit rate
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI), Windows style operation by mouse
  • Multi-mode recording: manual / timer / motion / sensor
  • Playback: 16 CH simultaneous playback
  • Search: time slice, time, event (manual, sensor, motion), tag search Express and flexible backup via USB, network and so on
  • Pentaplex: preview, record, playback, backup and remote access DHCP, DDNS, PoE network protocol and CMS supported
  • Remote control via IE or CMS: preview, playback, backup, PTZ and configuration
  • Authorisation management, log view and device status view
  • 4K output, true high-resolution display
  • Support PTZ pre-set and auto cruise, up to 255 pre-sets and 8 cruises
  • Support NAT function and QR Code scan by mobile phone and PAD
  • Powerful smart phone & Pad surveillance with iOS and Android OS



TVT 05-week3-Video screenshot
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Smart Search@NVMS9000#AI

Remote control via IE or CMS: preview, playback, backup, PTZ and configuration demonstration. Give us a call or visit our website for more information.


SuperLive Plus Mobile APP - The holistic approach to CCTV

Compatible with the TVT IPC, DVR and NVR Range

week 4 600x200 ver2

It’s not enough to wait until you get to your control room or the scene of an incident to get a visual on what transpired or is in progress. Retailers need a holistic approach to security, at Forbatt we recommend that all TVT security surveillance users download and use the SuperLive Plus App.


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SuperLive Plus is a professional mobile phone client application for digital video recorders (DVR) and IP cameras in surveillance security setups. The application integrates well when paired with TVT products. This Application is a development monitoring APP which is compatible with all available IPC, DVR and NVR devices. It offers remote monitoring through multimedia such as IP/DDNS/P2P. The primary functions include live preview, voice intercom, PTZ, remote playback, file management, alarm push, configuration and other mainstream functions. The mobile App is compatible with Android OS devices.



  • Alarm pusher – Instant Message notification
  • Event search – more convenient for remote playback
  • Preset/Cruiz/AZ – more operations about PTZ
  • Email sharing
  • Screenshots
  • Local video
  • Image sharing and other easy-to-use extensions.

TVT 05-week4-Video screenshot 
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APP #Superlive Plus, access to NVMS9000
In this video, we see how users can use Superlive Plus to monitor video remotely. Support live remote preview, remote playback and mobile storage of the image.



Anti-theft retail loss prevention systems have become increasingly important and relevant across all provinces in South Africa. In the retail industry where cash is the dominant medium of payment, this industry is particularly vulnerable to armed robberies, and these businesses need to act to alleviate this risk. Forbatt SA Supply the latest surveillance technology, suitable for multiple retail security solutions. Contact us today.


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