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The Sunell Fixed Thermal SN-TPC4200KT/F08

The thermal cameras are suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications. Some of the industries where thermal cameras find application include the renewables industry, the manufacturing industry, the construction industry and the public safety sector.


The Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F08 thermal IP camera is a great addition for industries that need to monitor variations in temperature bodies for surveillance and security purposes.  Below are some of the features you will find on the Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F thermal IP camera.

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Product features

  • Uncooled infrared focal plane sensor
  • 8 ~ 14um long wave infrared detection
  • pixels up to 420 × 315 pixels
  • Heat sensitivity, up to 50mK
  • Support 8/15/25/35/50 mm focal length, such as fixed focus lens (optional)
  • Support pseudo-colour mode switching: Black hot / White Heat / Rainbow / on oxide red
  • Support DVE image enhancement features
  • Support Noise/mirroring
  • Supports H.264 BP / MP / HP / MJPEG optional four coding algorithms and compatibility
  • Real-time 3 yards stream output can meet local storage and network transmission of video
  • One channel audio input, one channel audio output, two-way voice intercom
  • Support Micro SD (maximum capacity to support 32GB) card local storage
  • Can effectively solve the video lost due to network failure caused the problem.
  • Hardware watchdog, fault auto recovery
  • Metal linkage cooling design
  • Three-axis adjustable rotation bracket for easy installation adjustment
  • DC12V/POE supply

Sunell Fixed Thermal SN-TPC4200KT/F08 is available from Forbatt SA distributors. For more information give us a call or visit our website for more details.