Sunell Dual Vision Thermal PTZ SN-TPT4230LM/F35

When you need to see in the dark, the Sunell Dual Vision Thermal PTZ SN-TPT4230LM/F35 from Forbatt SA is the product you need. The Sunell Dual Vision Thermal PTZ SN-TPT4230LM/F35 has an infrared radiation zone that generates temperature variation. This provides a clear picture over large-scale areas. The PTZ SN-TPT4230LM/F35 features a dual image sensor which give you the Best of both worlds offering HD colour image as well as thermal imaging.
500x500 SN-TPT4230LMII 500x500 
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Product Features

  • Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer
  • Temperature detection
  • Effective resolution 396x264
  • Sensitivity 50mK
  • 25/35/50 mm lens optional
  • Vision Optical Zoom 22X
  • Infrared detection wavelength 8-14um
  • Support 8 area temperature Detection
  • Support 17 Polarity Control
  • Support DVE image Enhance
  • Standalone Operating

This product is available exclusively from Forbatt SA distributors. Contact us for more information or a list of the distributors. Alternatively, feel free to email us or visit the website for the full range of products available from Forbatt SA.