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The Data Docking Station for the Body Worn Camera – manage your Body Worn Camera fleet.

This month we introduce the ZCS – KDCA1 Data Docking Station from KEDACOM an important part of our Body Worn Series. After a patrol using the Body Worn camera, the footage captured needs to be downloaded, managed and stored. This is where The Data Docking Station comes in. It can be setup in a daisy chain and used to dock from 6 to 24 Body Worn Cameras and simultaneously download, manage and charge the units.

The Data Docking Station, supports a 13.3-inch touchscreen to provide a user interface for a range of other functions. The unit also has hard disk support for multiple disks and has RAID functionality to secure data more reliably. A pin is required to securely remove the device from the dock. Click here to see the Spec Sheet

12 WEEK 1 KEDACOM NVR ver1sm

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