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The KDM2410M-V21, the perfect vehicle NVR and wireless encoder from KEDACOM

The KDM2410M-V21 is a professional vehicle-mounted device which can, either emulate an NVR to view IP-based camera streams or a wireless encoder for analog camera access. It can connect, manage and record videos from up to 4 IP-based and analog cameras simultaneously.


Cameras are connected to KDM2410M-V21 either through its combined aviation plug or embedded Wi-Fi. A stable physical connection is assured with an aviation plug even when vehicle is being driven on bumpy roads. The combined aviation plug not only supports ethernet and analog camera interfaces, it can also feed power backward to all cameras.

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The embedded GPS, WiFi module and optional global position module such as Beidou, GLONASS in the KDM2410M-V21 can upload the vehicle’s accurate location to command center. Optional 3G/4G module makes it possible to support all kinds of network protocols, including FDD-LTE, TDD LTE, HSPA/UMTS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, TDSCDMA, EVDO/CDMA and so on. Video streams can be transmitted to command centre instantly.


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