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The speed of technological change has brought us to the realisation that there is no longer a one-size-fits all solution in just about any industry. Case in point - The automotive industry. It is common practice for major players to buy out the competition and then mix and match engines, chassis, suspension systems etc. for an improved or more efficient solution. A classic example in the world of Motorsports is Formula 1 racing. McLaren will dabble with Honda engines to find the intended solutions don’t quite work as expected and on the other hand Red Bull will team up with Renault engines, hit a winning streak until Mercedes Benz has a better solution and so on. The point is the Surveillance industry is no exception. Some solutions end up not achieving the intended results and others send you on a winning streak.


Forbatt SA has been in the industry for many years watching the trends and putting plans in place to solve the “solutions dilemma”. Forbatt SA was and still is the sole agent for Sunell Security. In keeping with the above analogy Forbatt SA very early on recognised a market gap – CHOICE! Choice that allowed manufacturers to put their best forward for the winning solution and solutions that gave the end user the best of the best. This led to Forbatt SA’s expansion of the agencies to focus on the best possible solutions and a winning streak for the entire value chain from the distributors to the end users.


Distributors Brands

When the best of the best come together, the results are exceptional



Forbatt SA’s brand now includes one of the leading global mobile surveillance security and niche surveillance manufacturers KEDACOM. KEDACOM are one of the largest manufacturers in the surveillance sector and their solutions include the very popular body worn camera, the mobile camera, and the impressive mobile NVR. These are just a few of their exceptional products.



A locally well-known brand under the Forbatt SA agency is Sunell. When it comes to aesthetics no one does it better. Sunell are not just about impressive function, they take form just as seriously. Sunell are one of the few manufacturers’ that focus on enhancing the ambiance of the space they occupy, a welcome change by property developers in upmarket projects.



Another brand in the Forbatt SA stable is TVT. TVT is a listed manufacturer of surveillance technology. Their range is exceptional and the highlight for us is their recorders. From entry level solutions to the high end of the market, they leave no doubt as to why they are a global leader.



If you’ve heard the name “Forbatt” it’s likely you know Forbatt Batteries. Forbatt batteries can be found anywhere from mining helmets all the way to solar array banks. The brand has been around for many years and demand continues to grow with the surge in alternative energy solutions.



Forbatt SA imports exclusively for their network of distributors. The list of distributors includes some of the largest and listed companies in the security industry in South Africa. The distributors in the surveillance technology sector include (in alphabetical order): ADI, Communica, Elvey, Eurobyte Technology, Pentagon, Pinnsec, Rull Technologies, TPA and VCam.




Forbatt SA has understood the call for more and ever improving choice in the industry. They make every effort to help you configure a winning solution that give value to the entire chain from the distributor through to the end user. Give them a call to discuss your needs. TEL: +27 11 469 3598 or CELL: (Gino) +27 83 965 2374 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also contact your local distributor mentioned above.




There is a 10% discount on the entire range in all brands (surveillance technology products) running from March 1st to March 31st 2017.