Vehicle NVR Wireless Mobile Encoder

4CH IP / 4CH Analogue
500x500 KDM2410M-V21



Excellent Video Transmission
  • KWTP protocal for 3G / 4G transmission, improve the video stream continuity under unstable network
  • H.265 video codec, save up to 50% bandwidth and storage
High Reliability
  • Embedded LinuxLow power consumption
  • Aviation plug design for Ethernet, video, audio, control signal and power supply
  • Fan-less design with heat dissipation shell
  • Shock-proof design, protect the HDD when the vehicle driving

Easy to Use
  • Pluggable HDD drawer, easy to change HDD module
  • HDD module support USB interface, easy to backup record

Abundant functions and features
  • 4 Channel IP Camera + 4 Channel Analog Camera access
  • Built-in Wi-Fi AP module, can access Wi-Fi IP camera and PAD
  • Support all kinds of mobile network
  • Built-in GPS module
  • Support 2 SIM card bundle




KDM2410M-V21 dimensions